June 23, 2024

“He does not represent himself as a paleontologist.” – The New York Times

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Hi!  I’m Jason Klamm (pronounced “klahm”).  If you’ve heard of me, it’s probably because of the Comedy on Vinyl podcast, my book We’re Not Worthy, or because you’ve seen me in LA’s award-winning show, a-decade-and-counting, A Drinking Game*, or maybe you’ve noticed me as a footnote to an early viral video that was based off of another viral video. Also, Gore Vidal once called me a better interviewer than Ken Burns.  He was probably wrong.

I’m an award-winning writer and actor, as well as a voice actor and podcast host. I’m a comedian, one-half of the sketch comedy group Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour, which is in it’s 30th year. As a writer, my mentors were Fielding Dawson (who once kindly compared my work to Kafka) and Mike Newell; a yin and yang of discord and… cord, respectively. I’m also an archivist specializing in comedy, and you can see some of that work at ComedyArchive.org. I also am a cartoonist, graphic designer and sculptor.

I’m a proud graduate of an alternative high school, Upward Bound Alternative High School in Hartwick, New York, as well as Columbia College Chicago.

I made an award-winning dinosaur video once that science really liked. I have a small sketch comedy record label, Celery Sound Records.

*I’ve played Vizzini, Rugen, Marty McFly, Hedley Lamarr, Charles DeMar, Michael Bolton, Scott Pilgrim, Shaun from Shaun of the Dead, Garth Algar and more. It’s one of the things I’m most proud of. You should see it.