May 27, 2024


Jason Klamm (pronounced “klahm”) was born in Swindon, Wiltshire, England, but has spent most of his life in Upstate New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and now Detroit.  He’s an author, actor, voice actor, podcast host and the director of three feature films, including the documentary Lords of Soaptown and two improvised comedies based on his fake presidential campaign project that has been going since 2004.

He graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Film, but not before he directed one of the world’s first viral videos, which holds the dubious distinction of being the internet’s first lip dub and the creator of a two-decade-old meme.  Three years later, another popular short film of his, about dinosaurs, became one of the first internet shorts to play on a major airline when it won Frontier’s Cloud Nine Short Film Festival.

Jason has written five books, including the nonfiction book We’re Not Worthy. His works of satire include Looking Forward: A Hopemoir and Post-Modem: The Interwebs Explained.  He is currently conducting research for two other nonfiction books that stem from his obsession with comedy and archiving, something he also explores at

He hosts several podcasts, including Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour, Dispatches from Fort Awesome (about the sitcom NewsRadio), The Professional Blur (about background acting work) and used to host the history-making Comedy on Vinyl (which premiered a lost Bob Newhart track that hadn’t been heard in fifty years). Jason’s audio productions have also been used in college classrooms to illustrate DIY audio editing and producing.

His short films have been distributed by NBC/Universal and he has written TV and movie scripts for well-known comedians.  He is a founding member of LA’s cult hit show A Drinking Game, in which he performed for over a decade, playing characters as varied as Vizzini in The Princess Bride and Marty McFly in Back to the Future.  Jason is a proud graduate of an alternative high school, Upward Bound Alternative High School in Hartwick, New York.

Jason is currently based in the Metro Detroit area.  You can contact him here.