May 27, 2024


I’ve been hosting, cutting and producing my own podcasts since 2011.  My first podcast, Comedy on Vinyl, features the legends and up-and-comers of comedy talking about their favorite vinyl comedy albums.  In 2015, the show made comedy history when it premiered a long-lost Bob Newhart track, unheard for almost 50 years. Along with hosting, editing and producing my own shows (over 1,200 episodes) I design all of my own logos and websites, making me a one-man podcast machine.

My other two weekly shows are Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour and Dispatches from Fort Awesome: A NewsRadio Podcast.  In Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour, my best friend, Dan and I, use the pretense of discussing our dumb sketch comedy from when we were thirteen as an excuse to bullshit for an hour, and bring in versions of Dan from other dimensions.  In Dispatches from Fort Awesome, my buddy, Allen Rueckert, and I, discuss episodes of NewsRadio along with our co-host, Jen, who lives on the ether.

I’ve also consulted with folks like Craig Ferguson on making their own forays into podcasting.