May 27, 2024

Voice Over

I’ve been performing voiceover professionally since 2001. I recently voiced a radio announcer for two extended sequences in the feature film Gift of Fire. I’ve performed on numerous sketch comedy albums with comedy legends like Phil Proctor of The Firesign Theatre. On stage, I’ve performed innumerable soundalike roles in the award-winning show A Drinking Game. I also narrate audiobooks.

To book me, please e-mail me at jason AT stolendress DOT com, or call 818-861-9189. I am based in the Detroit area and have a professional booth at home, with Shure SM7B microphones, a Cloudlifter, and a Zoom H6 interface. I have SourceConnect capability as well. I am SAG/AFTRA eligible.

I’m represented for VO by The Helen Wells Agency.

Animation Demo


Character Demo (Includes Gift of Fire)


Commercial Demo:

Clips from Gift of Fire: