May 27, 2024

#TheProfessionalBlur Returns

I started doing extra work in 2003 and then stopped in 2009, when I found a full-time job. I’ve been posting on Instagram about all my extra work for a while now, as The Professional Blur. 10 years later, I’ve had to quit my day job and, well, here we are. Back at it again. It is scary, exciting and, still, something I’m still quite looking forward to doing again. I just booked my first gig for March 15 and, while I can only post limited-to-zero specific details about what I’m working on, it should still be fun to watch and see what the hell this has in store for me, a decade and half a hairline later.

Reading a paper in the background of MadMen.
I have zero idea what was on this paper. I just knew this was the cushiest on-screen work ever.